The translation and interpretation agency Inter-Lingua has been active in the Dutch and Belgian translation market since 1996.

The thorough academic-linguistic background of our staff, and our use of only native speakers with a profound philological education, enables us to offer high-quality translation and interpretation services.

As a result of the steady internationalisation of contacts between western enterprises and companies in countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, our translation activities in the languages concerned have increased substantially during the last few years. We are one of the few agencies to offer translations from English/German/Russian into Kazakh, Uzbek, Kirghiz, Tadzhik, Turkmen and vice versa.

Thanks to our reliable contacts with philologists / translators from these countries (all of whom are native speakers), we can act as an intermediary for translations from English/German/Russian/Dutch into Estonian, Latvian (Lettish), Lithuanian, Byelorussian (White Russian), Ukrainian, Moldavian, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani*, Mongolian* and all other (Eastern) European languages and vice versa.

Besides technical, legal, medical and other translations, we are authorized to provide sworn translations from and into for instance Russian, French and German for diplomas, birth or marriage certificates, driving licences, passports, contracts, articles of association, etc.

For prices and other information you are welcome to contact us at all times.

* Only fromEnglish/German/Russian. These translations are carried out by translators/philologists who work exclusively fromEnglish/German/Russian into the languages concerned. If however you need to have a non-English text translated into one of the languages mentioned above, we advise you to have it translated into English/German or Russian beforehand.